Sports Surface Solutions

Sports and Health awareness are increasing the popularity of Sports Halls for a range of activities such as ball games, for example football, handball, volleyball, badminton and netball to aerobic and circuit training in Gymnasium areas.

Rubbertech Gym PUR is a shock absorbing PU coated surface designed for this environment. Rubbertech Gym PUR is an ideal and all-round Safety and Quality First Sports Surface, the elastic underlays provide optimum durability and safety. They cushion Players’ joints and ligaments, promote performance, in practice or in competition.

  • Recycled Rubber
  • Excellent Ball Bounce Action
  • Suitable for Floor Heating
  • Provide security in the substructure
  • Not water-sensitive
  • Uniform Elasticity
  • Supports Maximum Performance
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Clean

Rubbertech Gym PUR is a Sports Floor system made up of a 2mm PU Coating on a 7mm Recycled Rubber prefabricated mat, which in turn, is bonded to the sub-floor.

Available colours

Pastel Green C 6019
Pale Green C 6021
Stone Grey C 7030
Silver Grey C 7001
Pepple Grey C 7032
Platinum Grey C 7036
Ocher Brown C 8001

Beige C 1001
Brown Beige C 1011
Saffron Yellow C 1017
Grey Beige C 1019
Oxide Red C 3009
Beige Red C 3012
Antique Pink C 3014

Azure Blue C 5009
Light Blue C 5012
Pigeon Blue C 5014
Sky Blue C 5015
Patel Blue C 5024
Reseda Green C 6011
May Green C 6017

Technical Data

Fine rubber granules and recycled rubber fibres bonded with polyurethane elastomer
Relative Density
Material Thickness 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12mm (+ / -0.3mm)
Width 1m x 1.25m - (+ / - 1.5%)
Colours See Above
Tensile Strength 0.6MPa » DIN 53571
Elongation at tear 60% » DIN 53571
Force reduction 8mm = 27% / 10mm
Standard deformation 8mm = 1mm