Shooting Range Mats

Shooting Range Matting

Rubbertech have a comprehensive range of materials for use in Shooting Ranges and Galleries where safety is an issue. The products are designed to help prevent dangerous ricochets and rebounds.


Shooting Range

When safety becomes an issue there is no compromise with Rubbertech SSB 30 material. Dangerous rebounds and Ricochets are avoided.

In addition to a solid rubber base, SSB 30 has a coloured rubber wearing course. Due to its weight, SSB 30 is a loose lay system and can be easily lifted for cleaning / removal of gunpowder etc.


Bullet Proof Matting

Rubbertech Shoot is Bullet Proof and prevents dangerous ricochet and rebounds in the inner area of galleries.

It withstands the force of powerful projectiles and absorbs them leaving only slight surface marks after bullet impacts.


Rubbertech Shoot / W is a Rubber Tile suitable for lining walls and ceiling. The product is suitable for use in Galleries and compliments SSB 30 and Rubbertech Shoot. The product is normally mounted on a Timber frame

Material: Solid Vulcanised Rubber Granulate PU Bonded Granulate
Surface Weight: 24kg / m3 2.5kg / m3 24kg / m2
Density: - 24kg / m2 720kg / m3
Strength: 5mm +/- 1.5mm 40 +/- 3mm 40mm +/- 3mm
Width: 750mm 500mm 500mm
Length: 1m 500mm / 1m 500mm / 1m
Fire Classification: B1 B2 B2
Noise Absorption: - 47db 47db @40mm