Weight Room Mats

Weight Room Mats

Rubbertech supply a range of Sports Floors suitable for Fitness Centres, Workout areas, Ice Rinks, Golf Complexes, Changing Rooms etc.

The product consists of fine Recycled Granules mixed with EPDM colour granules either as a mix colour or a full colour.

Colour is mixed to a high density and it is Spike and Skid resistant.

The product is available on a roll for large areas or as an interlocking Puzzle mat.

  • High impact resistance
  • Spike and ski resistant
  • Insensitive to moisture and water
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Impact sound resistant
  • Many colour variants
  • High resistance to wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for floor heating

Rubbertech SSB Compact

Elementary and resistant, it lies as an elastic floor covering in fitness and power sport studios. Rubbertech SSB Compact consists of solid rubber, vulcanised from high quality rubber compounds and an additional wearing course made of coloured rubber which corresponds to fire classification B1.

Hardly any other flooring material is as universal and resistant as Rubbertech SSB Compact. It is spike and skid resistance and provides general protection for underlying floors against loads and impacts. Feel the processing quality - for years and years.


 Weight MatWeight Mat - Colour SSB Compact Mat
Material: Vulcanised Rubber PU Bonded Granules Vulcanised Rubber
Relative Density: 17kg / m2 1050kg / m3 15kg / m3
Thickness: 17m +/- 1mm 10m 17mm
Width: 1.25m 1.5m 0.8m
Length: 1.8m 12m 1.65m
Colour: Black Black, Grey, Yellow Green, Red, Black
Hardness: 65 n/a 65 shore
Tensile Strength: - 1.5PA -
Fire Classification: B1 B2 B1